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The Hearts Behind the Pies

We are a family-owned specialty foods producer with one mutual passion: we love foods made from wholesome ingredients. My husband Danilo and I (Jaeriah) run our business for the simple gratification of feeding our community wholesome foods made from scratch using real ingredients. From chopping all our fresh vegetables by hand, to baking our chicken in the oven to a caramelized perfection, we define what it means to be an artisanal food producer.

The Story

Nirvana Foods was launched in 2014 after feeding the Richmond community for years as a local grocer under the name of Nirvana Organics, in Steveston. When I met my now-husband Danilo in Italy and decided to bring our life back to Canada, we knew we wanted to build something great and successful. With this goal in mind Nirvana Foods, a gourmet food production company using only wholesome ingredients was born.

Danilo is from Perugia, Italy, a region east of Tuscany. He grew up with an adoration for simple wholesome foods, whether it’s the tomatoes from his mom’s garden, the homemade tortellini from her kitchen to the familiar cheeses and cured meats produced in his region. For years Danilo ran their family café in Italy, always with an inclination to better his cooking skills he began working as a chef for a landmark hotel in Perugia, it is with this hotel that I interned in while traveling abroad. He had me at “Mangia?” and the rest is history.

My dad played a big role in the making of Nirvana Foods. Growing up in Toronto, Singapore and Thailand, I watched him chase his dreams as the Executive Chef of several world-class hotels. He holds a Gold Seal Certified Chef de Cuisine accreditation and has an intuition with flavor like I’ve never tasted before. Given the task to concoct flavorful, ambrosial pot pie recipes for Nirvana Foods, let’s just say he did us proud.

Coming from a diverse background; my love for food, design, and travel was indeed deeply rooted. Initially, my intention to pursue travel and tourism as a career seemed like a natural fit to me. My desire to learn about different cultures, history and cuisines took me around Europe and Asia. It eventually led me to meeting the love of my life in Italy. After we came back to Canada to start our life together, I took up a design program. Armed with a bit of experience and immense passion, I now lead the creative direction of Nirvana Foods in branding, design, and marketing.

With two accomplished chefs in the family and a burning desire to feed the community, starting a specialty food business was an obvious decision. In 2014, we leased an old tofu production facility in central Richmond. Doing most of the cleanup and renovation ourselves, we transformed the premise to a cooking and production space we were proud to call Nirvana.

It was here that we started producing our signature comfort foods. Using only real and quality ingredients, our products are handcrafted in small batches. Currently, our line of savory pot pies can be found in well over a hundred grocery retailers, butcher shops and cafes across Greater Vancouver, Vancouver Island and as far as Kelowna. Our short term goal is to bring our products to the whole of British Columbia and nationwide thereafter. For a full list of current retailers, click here.


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